November 24, 2011

JaxtrSMS - What's new ?

Most interesting news on web/media, Sabeer bhatia again brought awesome concept FREE SMS worldwide - sounds like revolutionary concept!

I like the idea of FREE and Open texting app, but Today there's hell lot of competition in instant messenger segment. we starts comparing it with messenger app!

November 21, 2011

JaxtrSMS - free sms worldwide

JaxtrSMS - a wordwide free SMS ! currently in beta, lets users send free SMS worldwide in easiest way. JaxtrSMS is gaining popularity across all mobile platforms, exponentially catching large number of userbase.

Download JaxtrSMS and start sending messages. JaxtrSMS links directlyto your address book so you can send messages to anyone whether they have JaxtrSMS or not. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send.

November 20, 2011

How to update galaxy phones to Gingerbread v2.3

After a long long time, Samsung finally made v2.3 Gingerbread available to whole set of galaxy phones through kies. last week i updated my i9003 [galaxy SL] and my friend's s5830 [galaxy ace].

September 16, 2011

Should have features for app

You might be done with your app idea implementation/development ? right

Before you get ready to publish it on Android Market check your app have essential features?
If not than its good to have, and will help you to get more downloads and feedback.

Good to have features:
  1. Feedback : put a menu option so that user can send you feedback of app using email, feature request, get in touch with user.
  2. Share the app : put a menu option to "Share app with friends", it will help you to get more downloads (in tern more revenues) and free mouth publicity.
  3. About : a short introduction about you/your app, email address to contact and website.
  4. Help: help pages or dialogue which explains basics of how to use app

My favorite Android apps (sept #12)

A small list of few best/cool apps of my Samsung android phone as on Sept,11

Blogger - helps making blogpost from android !

GetJar - alternative app store which gives premium android apps free

Paper Camera - nice paper drawing image effect

Private SMS Inbox - keeps sms private & protected !

Solo - play Guitar

Suruk - auto rickshaw fare

SwiftKey X - alternative Keyboard

Brilliant Quotes - collection of Quotes

Camera360 - beautiful effects on images

Catch - simple notes taking app

Dolphin Browser HD - best browser on android market !

Entrepreneur - get inspired

Expenses - simple yet awesome Expense tracking app

IndiCode - useful India codes like Number plates and Std codes etc.

JaxtrSMS(Beta) - send FREE sms Worldwide

Note Everything - sketch and note

Saavn - bollywood music streaming app

smsBlocker - block unwanted SMS

SpeedView - speedo meter app, elegent !

Which is your favourite app ?? leave a comment below

Collecting android crash reports and avoid ANR

Use Opensouce ACRA framework,
which is the most powerful and robust way to collect crash reports from your app.

ACRA is a library enabling Android Application to automatically post their crash reports to a GoogleDoc form. It is targetted to android applications developers to help them get data from their applications when they crash or behave erroneously.

More info at

September 15, 2011

Android Optimization Tips #1

It's easy to write code that does required function. But writing efficient code requires attention to few things that increase app's performance and use erexperince.


1. Don't hangup UI thread, do heavy things on separate thread. Use AsycTask or Runnable.

2. If your app makes HTTP calls when app is in background and not visible to user

* App should make HTTP calls only if Internet is available else it should stop doing so and should start doing it again when Internet connectivity is available.

 ** This will improve battery life **

3. Release all, database Cursor, Context, i/o streams or file streams When are done with it, or do it when user press Back key or destroy() lifecycle method.

4. Use only permissions which is required by application, remove unnecessary ones from AndroidManifest.xml * unnecessary use of permission gives user a wrong signal about your app, potential spam or malicious software. Be wise and review permission used by app.

5. Decide, your app should work in background when user's battery is critically low?
* if an application fetches location updates at every 5mints in background, then it eats of decent amount of power. In such cases you should check if battery level is below 30% or so it should stop doing it.

Example, phones built in Camera App, which doesn't work/open when battery level is low.

Make app smarter, and save phone's power!

** Take Care of User's Battery, specially its below certain levels **

Leave your comments and suggestions on article.

Inauguration of iCreate

Recently, me and my friend attended an Entrepreneurial event held by Gov of Gujarat at Gandhinagar.

Launch of iCreate - International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology by CM Narendra Modi.
Many people belonging to Entrepreneurship motivation were present at event.

Such as,
Narayan Murthy - Infosys founder
Rashmi Bansal - Author of Stay hungry stay foolish
Madhubhai Mehta - CII

Along with that more than 3,000 students and budding entrepreneurs were present.
It was a wonderful experience being in event.

Mahatma Gandhi Temple, Gandhinagar

July 22, 2011

Android TimeZone in GMT format - Code Snippet

Code Snippet :
TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getDefault();
String gmt=TimeZone.getTimeZone(tz.getID()).getDisplayName(false,TimeZone.SHORT)        
Log.d("Tag","TimeZone : "+gmt);

Output :
07-22 13:51:51.221: DEBUG/Tag(2910): TimeZone : GMT+05:30 

April 16, 2011

Android Custom Listener Example

Custom listener implemnatation in android with Full Sourcecode.
WorkHelper : Processing class  

package com.customlistener;

import android.location.Location;
import android.util.Log;

 * @author piyush
 * Does data processing.
public class WorkHelper {

 private HelperResult helperResult;
 private String tag="WorkHelper",resultString;
 private int randomNumber=-1,limit=1000;
 public WorkHelper(HelperResult helperResult) {
 public void doProcessing()
  //generate number between 0 to 1000
  resultString="New RandomNumber is : "+randomNumber;
  //post data back to MainActivity
 public static abstract class HelperResult{
        public abstract void getResult(String resultString);

MainActivity : UI Class

package com.customlistener;

import com.customlistener.WorkHelper.HelperResult;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.util.Log;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.View.OnClickListener;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.ProgressBar;
import android.widget.TextView;

 * Main Activity 
 * @author piyush
public class MainActivity extends Activity {
 private String tag="HelperResult",resultStr="";
 private Button startButton;
 private WorkHelper workHelper;
 private Context context;
 private TextView textViewData;
 /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 
        workHelper=new WorkHelper(helperResult);
        startButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
   public void onClick(View v) 
    //generate random number
     * Create Instance of HelperResult Class
     * and Implement getResult().
    HelperResult helperResult=new HelperResult() 
  public void getResult(String resultString) {
   Log.d(tag,"in MainActivity");
   Log.d(tag,"Result Received :"+resultString);
Download Source Code

Solution to Adobe AIR installation problem

Many of Windows vista Home users are facing problem in installation of Adobe AIR applications.When you try to install Adobe app, The dialog show up "Problem occured with AIR insatlltion.Please install latest version of Adobe AIR from

I was bitten by same problem during TweetDeck installtion,finally i found the solution that worked for me!!

1.Open AdobeAir.Exe file located at,

2.C:\Program Files\common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe

3.When you open .exe file, it asks for .air Installtion file. Browse .air file you want to install.Installtion Completes

If this solution donen't work for you drop comment & if it worked Like It !!

March 11, 2011

Amazon adds Apple-ness to Android Market - New Android Store

The missing "Moderation- The Apple-ness" for Android Store is Here!

4 Developers : "Market your apps to tens of millions of customers using Amazon's proven marketing and merchandising capabilities."  

Users  : "Download Amazon Reviewed Apps -- Filter on Apps Market"
For Android Users:
  • Download Amazon reviewed apps - Moderation makes difference. "Apple-ness" for app store !
  • Experience huge filtration and Cleanness in Apps Crowd.
For Developers:        
  • Revenue sharing : Amazon will pay developers 70% of the sale price of the app or 20% of the list price, whichever is greater.
  • Almost the same Google Market like, approach for Apps uploading necessary apps Graphics, like Screenshots etc..
  • The biggest advantage to Android Developers residing in countries where Google checkout Seller's acc. is not available can sell "Paid Android Apps" -- '+' point for many Dev. like me.
  • Powerful Marketing Features: Market your apps to tens of millions of customers using Amazon’s proven marketing and merchandising capabilities
  • Simple Account Management: Submit your apps using the portal’s self-service workflow, track approval status in real-time, and generate custom sales reports
  • Developer's Registration fees $99 for first year! - Pay for "Apple-ness" 
  • Amazon's review System will introduce delay in Apps publishing.where as in Current Google market It takes few seconds to publish !! - Can't be on the Fly publishing
  • Disappointment to "Spam Developers" ! - Advantage to User
Result of the Story:
  • "Both Ends of Android Eco System will be Happy :)"
Official Resources :

If you liked, the article then write back your views in comment ! 

March 1, 2011

Photographics - Apps for Us (India) not US.

Apps for India !!

 A photographic Thought..

Its been a trend western countries Android users are getting Cool Location based and other apps. What's there for us ,Indians ? Can't say we have tons of Kool things that they do have.. But market is growing at a faster rate..

Quick Points : 
  • India's telecom is booming
  • Phones are getting cheaper day by day
  • 3G services are now available.
  • Rural India is joining main stream when we talk about Tech Stuff - Mobile phones !

All above factors Indicates, India is guaranteed to have Worlds Largest Android User base by may be 2014/15..

The Image is just the Potographics Expression of What I mean by this post ! :D

Photo Courtesy: taken from one blog.. More on this series Coming Soon..

Mobile Developer Journey

January 8, 2011

Software Entrepreneurs you should follow

I have habit of reading story's & experience articles written by Tech Entrepreneurs, one can learn from their experience.And its always very helpful to learn from some one's mistakes !

With this you'll know few of my favorite tech entrepreneurs, Why should you read about them ? what should you learn from them ?

Here comes the list.

1. Neil Patel
is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

Through his entrepreneurial career Neil has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was Neil named a top 100 blogger by Technorati, but he was also one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

Why ?
Neil has wast experience of Internet business. He has faced lots of ups and down through his entrepreneurial journey. He writes his experiences with internet business, advice for young entrepreneurs on his blog.

Follow Neil at, 
Twitter :
Web :
About Biography

2. Joel Spolsky
is the CEO of Stack Overflow, where you can get expert answers to programming questions very quickly.  Over the last 10 years he has written 1089 articles about software development, management, business, and the Internet.

Joel started his career with Microsoft as a program manager on the Excel team. After that he worked at Juno Online Services for couple of years. He started his own company Fog Creek Software in September, 2000,

Why ? 
Joel's rich blog has articles for New developer,Rock star developer,Tech lead,CEO,Startup founder,Product manager and more.. You can learn lots of things from him to improve yourself professionally & personally as well.

Follow Joel at,  
Twitter :
Web :
About Biography

List is not over yet. I'm looking forward to hear back from you about this post. Readers do comment yours herosm, possibly would add them here. 

Thanks for reading.
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