December 29, 2010

Android API Level & Platform Versions

Android Phones are running on different OS versions,
For developers, below Table is useful to relate API level with OS Platform Versions.
API LevelAndroid Platform Version

December 23, 2010

Android in Space at 60,000 feet Height

Few weeks back, Google launched new Nexus S smartphone with Android Gingerbread OS.
To celebrate the release of the Nexus S, Google employees constructed seven hobbyist-style air balloons, each containing a phone, and sent them into orbit.

The phones stopped functioning at 60,000 feet, about twice as high as most planes fly. Not bad for being in space without a helmet. Google says the phones started working again on descent.

Check out this YouTube video they posted.

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December 3, 2010

Entrepreneurs they Change the way..

Entrepreneurs they Change The way We thing about its possible
Recently Discovered this video on YouTube ! 
As Entrepreneurs serving Entrepreneurs, we know that small businesses drive our economy and fuel our growth. With that, starting an entrepreneur movement to inspire entrepreneurship and turn our country around.

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