March 29, 2010

Mobile Applications : The Next Billion Users

A thought provoking talk that examines the ubiquitous use of mobile technology as it shapes today's consumer lifestyle.The market for mobile applications is viewed from the perspective of a mobile app developer and a consumer. This talk serves as an excellent food-for-thought for entrepreneurs and business development managers focused on increasing the appeal of their mobile apps amongst their target consumers

"Mobile Applications: The Next Billion Users"

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lifestyles, and serve to make life easy, organized, less complicated and fun, for users who may have never used a computer before, or may not want to. But for that to happen, you need applications that take into account the environment and the technologies that these applications need to work with, and the way people expect to use them. This talk highlights these expectations, and the opportunities for developers to address them.

"Optimization & Performance Tuning in Mobile Apps"

Phew, Its painfully slow. It takes ages to get it done. Is this what is our application well known for? How can I improve its perception as its amazing fast. Am i making right design decisions for this tiny constraint device? I am too greedy for having everything on my finger tips.

"Mobile Wep Applications & Services"

Thank you web applications & services. You give me all the data I need. Mobile has sweetened it by allowing me to access it from anywhere. What kind of data, applications, services are users really looking for from a web on a mobile phone? How can I leverage cloud computing?

"Application Development for Enterprise"

What constructs an enterprise application? Ability to communicate via email, calls, watch presence, instant messaging, etc. I can also read / update various corporate data. Having access to the data required easily from mobile at a given time enables better productivity. Are there any security concerns gripping enterprise data being accessed from mobile phone?

"Casual Games on Mobile"

Gone are the days, when I have to be at a place to play a game. Now, I can play it from my mobile phone whenever & wherever I want. I love playing different games whenever and wherever I am. It is getting more addictive and fun, while at the same time quite educative. The experience is improving overwhelmingly.

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March 27, 2010

Android Applications

android_logo androids

Android Application Development-Key Features

Android is an Open Handset Alliance, which helps developers use Java programming language and create applications of different types. Android has rich support for Audio/Media types and Graphics and has support of its core library for developers to build third party applications.

Core Applications - Android SDK

Some of the core applications which are ship with the Android SDK, includes:

  • Email Client
  • SMS Program
  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Browser
  • Contacts

These core applications help developers to simplify reuse of framework APIs during the development of different Android applications. Google offers programmers a platform which helps to create Android applications as basic or complex as desired.

Category - Android Applications

Android offers vast category of applications that can be created by developers, like:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Utility applications
  • Security applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Travel applications
  • Internet applications
  • Entertainment applications
  • Communications applications

March 10, 2010

Pick a Winning Name for Your Business

There's a lot of room for personal and professional creativity when choosing a business name, but there are three main considerations to keep in mind:
  • Will your business name receive trademark protection?
  • Is your proposed business name available?
  • If your business will have a website, is a similar domain name available?
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March 4, 2010

Android EditText Validation Example [updated]

Validation on user input can be applied by regular expressions. It provides a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters.

There are two ways to validate/restrict user input:
  1. Validate user entered data.
  2. Restrict user input to certain things like DIGITs only, CHARACTERs only etc.
 #1.Validate user entered data

 in  this case validation isapplied  generally on #onClickEvent of button
 here in this example we are checking if String is DIGIT only

String invalidStr="AB10",validStr="0998257476";

Pattern pattern=Pattern.compile("[0-9]*");

//argument to matcher is string to validate
Matcher matcher=pattern.matcher(invalidStr);        

if(!matcher.matches())       // on Success 
    //pop up ERROR  message
    Toast.makeText(context," Invalid Input ",Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

    //validation succesfull
    //Go Ahead !!  

If we validate : invalidStr output would be INVALID and for validStr , it is  VALID change RE as per your validation needs..

#2 Restrict user input to certain types:

<Edittext android:inputType="number"
Other inputType can be email address,password,phone number etc. refer documentation.    
RE online testing tool :  
RE Library
Refrence Links to RE

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