March 11, 2011

Amazon adds Apple-ness to Android Market - New Android Store

The missing "Moderation- The Apple-ness" for Android Store is Here!

4 Developers : "Market your apps to tens of millions of customers using Amazon's proven marketing and merchandising capabilities."  

Users  : "Download Amazon Reviewed Apps -- Filter on Apps Market"
For Android Users:
  • Download Amazon reviewed apps - Moderation makes difference. "Apple-ness" for app store !
  • Experience huge filtration and Cleanness in Apps Crowd.
For Developers:        
  • Revenue sharing : Amazon will pay developers 70% of the sale price of the app or 20% of the list price, whichever is greater.
  • Almost the same Google Market like, approach for Apps uploading necessary apps Graphics, like Screenshots etc..
  • The biggest advantage to Android Developers residing in countries where Google checkout Seller's acc. is not available can sell "Paid Android Apps" -- '+' point for many Dev. like me.
  • Powerful Marketing Features: Market your apps to tens of millions of customers using Amazon’s proven marketing and merchandising capabilities
  • Simple Account Management: Submit your apps using the portal’s self-service workflow, track approval status in real-time, and generate custom sales reports
  • Developer's Registration fees $99 for first year! - Pay for "Apple-ness" 
  • Amazon's review System will introduce delay in Apps publishing.where as in Current Google market It takes few seconds to publish !! - Can't be on the Fly publishing
  • Disappointment to "Spam Developers" ! - Advantage to User
Result of the Story:
  • "Both Ends of Android Eco System will be Happy :)"
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