March 1, 2011

Photographics - Apps for Us (India) not US.

Apps for India !!

 A photographic Thought..

Its been a trend western countries Android users are getting Cool Location based and other apps. What's there for us ,Indians ? Can't say we have tons of Kool things that they do have.. But market is growing at a faster rate..

Quick Points : 
  • India's telecom is booming
  • Phones are getting cheaper day by day
  • 3G services are now available.
  • Rural India is joining main stream when we talk about Tech Stuff - Mobile phones !

All above factors Indicates, India is guaranteed to have Worlds Largest Android User base by may be 2014/15..

The Image is just the Potographics Expression of What I mean by this post ! :D

Photo Courtesy: taken from one blog.. More on this series Coming Soon..