November 24, 2011

JaxtrSMS - What's new ?

Most interesting news on web/media, Sabeer bhatia again brought awesome concept FREE SMS worldwide - sounds like revolutionary concept!

I like the idea of FREE and Open texting app, but Today there's hell lot of competition in instant messenger segment. we starts comparing it with messenger app!

What's New ?

  • Available across all mobile platforms. A villager living at the farthest end of country can use it, works on low end old J2ME phone.
  • Convenient way to send sms across the glob, just open app!
  • Free!! - gets 5star for this. 

SMS App 

  • Requires data connection, and app runs in background. Affects data usage and battery life.
  • Delivery report, fundamental characteristics of SMS. Jaxtrsms lacks it, you never know msg sent is delivered or not?

vs Messenger

  • I personally do more messaging than sms. messenger segment is dominated by whatsapp! Its doing so good that its available on all mobile platform, very cool app.
  • Multimedia sharing should be added to jaxtrsms.

Over all its a good idea, I personally believe it has bright future. Quick iteration required to enhance product. Hope to see good stuff from jaxtrsms.

What you think about jaxtrsms? drop comment.