April 11, 2014

Why Web Based Software As A Service is Getting Popularity These Days?

Software As A Service (SAAS ) is now-a-days becoming too much viral in the software industry as it is very convenient to vendors as well as users. Many of us is not knowing what is software as a service, How it works and How it can benefit us in our work ? At SoftwareSuggest, we often get these questions from our users.

Software as a service is nothing but the software delivery method which provides access to the software and all its functionalities from anywhere and on any device remotely. Software as a Service allows organizations to access and manage their data at low costs than buying a licensed software as SAAS is mostly based on a monthly subscriptions. As software is hosted remotely, organizations don't have any additional expenses on hardware like servers. Software as a service makes organizations free from setting up and installation of software, backing up data and maintenance costs and problems of hardware.

In Software as a service, software and its associated data is hosted on the cloud than it is accessed by users using thin client via web browser on any device. Below are common reasons why web based software as a service is getting popular these days and why organizations should switch to SAAS -

  • Fast setup and installation
  • Non-Technical Configuration
  • Little IT involvement.
  • Integrated MDM Support
  • Upgrades included.
  • Frequent New Features.
  • No Hardware Costs.
  • Subscription Billing.