September 1, 2010

J2ME-Android Bridge | Porting J2ME Apps

I came across porting existing J2ME game to Android platform. Re-usability of Code Chunks helps in faster Dev. 

Instant Conversion from JAR to APK 
There is one site in which you upload your J2ME MIDP (jad) and get converted Android APK in 5 Seconds !! Website keeps one copy of converted .APK on Server ! Netmite | Get APK Try it out.

In this post 'm sharing the stuffs i used :
  1. Get the Bridge : J2ME to Android Bridge | Download
  2. Setup Eclipse workspace:  Workspace setup
  3. Example : Worm Game Example - J2ME to Android
  4. Re-use your j2me code in Android project !
What to port or reuse?
  • UI : write UI in Android, porting of many J2ME Widgets to Android  is problematic, I recommend to write your own UI Code instead of reusing, as Bridge is not mature yet.  
  • Logic Stuff : reuse J2ME code here..


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