June 8, 2010

EVO 4G vs iPhone 4

iPhone vs EVO
Just like oil and water, these two just don't mix. You can almost feel the tension through your screen as you look @ that image can't you? I thought so.
Anyway, the folks over engadget have been all over WWDC and the iPhone 4 launch and they have a comparison of the two flagship phones:
iPhone vs EVO
As you can see, the specs are pretty close, with the iPhone having the edge when it comes to the screen. Once you get to the camera(s) the EVO takes back the title. Now the video chat...
As we've already discussed the iPhone only supports video chat while connected via wifi, that means no 3G calls for you! So in that regard, the nod would have to go to the EVO 4G, with its ability to make calls via not only wifi, but 3G and 4G as well. But let's dig a little deeper
During his speech, Steve Jobs didn't mention anything about the quality or resolution while using Face Time, but considering the front facing camera is VGA, that would lead you to believe that it's streaming at 640x480, which is the same resolution that the free Qik service uses. However, should you choose to pay $5 a month, you can upgrade your Qik service and video call at higher resolutions.

The one thing I'm truly interested in is to see how Apple's A4 processor stacks up against the choices from Qualcomm and ARM.

Once engadget updates their comparison, we'll be sure to give you the updates.
[via engadget]

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EVO 4G vs iPhone 4


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